PMAP Cebu PMAP CEBU INC.People Management Association
of the Philippines Cebu, Inc.


Community Relations

Alma R. Riveral Trustee-In-Charge Alma R. Riveral Pages Holdings, Inc.
No Image Chairperson Emily E. Solon Cebu Workactive Manpower Service, Inc.


  1. Rita Balili
  2. Fr. Eleno Bucia



  1. PMAP shall be known as an organization that not only helps HR practitioners grow and excel in the HR profession but also as an organization with social consciousness.
  2. The committee shall implement community relations activities that are relevant to the needs of target beneficiaries.
  3. PMAP shall provide venue for its members to put into action their innate love and care for people outside the comforts of their workplaces, specifically the underprivileged sectors of Cebu/Bohol.

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