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About the Theme


Every employee is very important as people are the most important assets in organizations.  When people in the organization are actively rowing in the same direction, they will help the organization compete in the race, overtake the competition, cross the finish line first, and end up on the medal stand.

But that’s not all. If we are going to meet the challenges of the ever changing business landscape, we need the leverage of powerful partners and people are essentially at the heart of every partnership. Partnerships are not only helping drive today’s talent management agenda, but hold the key to scaling the most successful business programs in the future. More than ever, people managers need to work closely with various shareholders and sectors to achieve shared organizational objectives.

While there are many recognized benefits and advantages to partnership development such as innovation & transformation, the reason why one seeks to establish partnership is relatively simple – there is added value in working with others. The current global challenges require organizations to adapt and extend traditional talent approaches. Organizations striving to sustain high performance must have an explicit strategy that attracts talent as well as ensures retention, engagement, and motivation by collaborating with various stakeholders.

People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) Cebu celebrates relationships and collaborations in the 16th Regional Conference with the theme, “Value in Partnerships”. The conference aims to highlight the value of these relationships in business growth, transformation, and development. It showcases approaches and strategies on how partnerships can be leveraged to advance business initiatives and the imperatives to create sustainable relationships both inside and outside the organization. Learn insights into what makes high-functioning relationships in the context of people management. Uncover ways on how to maximize and create value from various partners and stakeholders in order to advance talent management practices. Find out how the value of relationships, or social capital, potentially provides the largest source of competitive advantage within our reach.